Friday, 27 July 2012

CBIP - BI & Analytics exam - done!


yesterday I sat the BI & analytics specialty exam - and passed with 71%. I was really quite pleased with the result since it is still above the 70% mark and I must admit a was struggling a little during the exam.

I was quite surprised by some of the questions - it sometimes felt like they were on topics I haven't seen before (and I've done the test exams as well as went through the topics outline and was sure I covered it all). Also I found the wording on some question not always clear - with e.g. some of the double negative questions being quite tricky, especially after you answer your 100th question. English isn't my 1st language but I usually don't have any problems with tests etc. Anyhow.

All the more I was glad I passed the exam above 70%.

A few tips if you're taking the online version of the exam - as I was since I live in Switzerland and the exams aren't administered here:

1) make sure you test your PC with the test link some time before the exam and make sure everything is working fine (connection, audio, video). For my first exam it was not the case and it was quite a stress to get everything up and running (and I was also a bit late as a result - thanks Cindy for the patience:). I run Ubuntu on my PC and for some reason I wasn't able to connect to the test site. I then launched the Windows virtual machine - I connected but couldn't get my web cam to work. I finally had to borrow a notebook from a neighbour - good times! :) I tested my Ubuntu PC before the 2nd exam and everything was working fine that time.

2) try to be rested before the exam - it is quite demanding to stay 1.5hrs 100% focused in front of the PC screen

3) make sure there aren't some small things that annoy you during the exam - like for example our dog starting snoring during my first exam - I found that pretty funny but yea, doesn't help the concentration :)

Now to the last exam, IS core - see you in a couple of months!


  1. congrats Pete on passing this exam and all the best with the rest. My name is Hussam, I work in the information center in a big healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia. I have started preparing for taking the CBIP certificate a while ago, and find your post very helpful.... thanks for sharing your experience with the CBIP.

  2. Hi Hussam. Thanks for your message and I'm glad the post was useful for your preparation.
    Best luck for the exams!